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Hera Management Services is about choice; choice for landlords, choice for leaseholders and choice for tenants. Our focus since launching in 2012 is providing high quality, day-to-day operational services; in other words, the tangible front facing services that clients really care about.

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Tenants and Landlords

Our Fees

Fees correct at time of update (January 2019) and include VAT at the standard rate.  




Document Copies

Fee associated to us providing a copy of the lease or other conveyance document.



Solicitors Enquiries (LPE1 / FME1)

This fee is for the supply of a standard template LPE1/FME1. Additional enquiries subsequent to this may incur further charges.

Please allow 10 working days from payment of this fee for us to collate and provide this information.



Notice for Assignment of Lease

Deed Of Covenant
Where draft is provided by your solicitor

Where Hera supply draft of the document





Certificate of Compliance


Request for Alteration

Surveyors fees to also be paid



Sublet Registration Fee

Fee associated with consent from the freeholder to sublet the property and completion of registration documentation. This fee is an annual fee required for each tenancy created for the property.




Fee associated with consents relating to the property, for example consent to remortgage. This relates only where there is not a restriction on the lease. Other consent requests may be quoted separately.





Subletting your Property

Subletting your property refers to the situation where you, as the leaseholder have made the decision to rent your property out to tenants for a duration of time. Your lease will specify if you can sublet your property but, in any case, you will require the freeholder’s consent to do so. To obtain the freeholders consent you will need to pay a fee to Hera Management Services in exchange for consent to sublet the property and comply with the following terms:


1. You remain responsible for all outgoings in connection with the property including any ground rent and/ or service charge payments, to Hera Management Services Limited.

2. You are to return the property to the Lessor at the end of the long lease with
vacant possession.

3. You are to forward a copy of the Tenancy Agreement, which should contain:
a) A covenant by the Sub-tenant not to assign, underlet or part with possession
of share possession or occupation of the premises or parts thereof.
b) A condition for re-entry on breach of such covenants and conditions.
(Receipt of the Tenancy Agreement by Hera Management Services Limited
does not imply that approval will be given.)

4. You are to inform the Hera Management Services Limited of your corresponding address.

Approval to the subletting will not override any requirement for you to obtain the consent of your insurers and mortgagees or any other party with an interest in the property. It is also your responsibility to ensure that you comply with any other statutory requirements as a landlord (e.g. ensuring compliance with gas and electricity regulations etc.).


If you would like to sublet your property, please contact our offices for further information and the necessary registration documents.


Selling Your Property

If you decide you wish to sell your property, you will be asked to supply your solicitor with a pack of information often referred to as an ‘LPE1’ pack or ‘solicitors enquiry’. The LPE1 pack is a leasehold information pack designed to capture information about a property held by landlords, management companies and managing agents. It contains information about the property, freeholder, managing agent, service charge, ground rent and accounts.


Should you require a pack, we charge an additional fee and can provide a full pack within 10 working days of receipt of the fee.


Pet Consent

Your lease will often stipulate whether you are allowed to keep a pet at your property. If your lease does not allow you to keep an animal there may be some occasions where the freeholder of your property may choose to make an exception for you. In these circumstances we will ask you to request a pet consent form from us. We charge an additional fee for providing pet consent and will need details of the animal you plan on keeping at the property in order to make an informed decision for you.