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Tenants and Landlords

This page is intended to be a guide for our Swan New Homes leaseholders of the correct procedure when finding a leak, primarily 'flat to flat' within their property. We hope it will be helpful in working out what to do next and how we can help you. 


I have found a leak in my property, what shall I do?
The first thing we advise you to do is to attempt to contain the leak. You can do this, depending on the severity of the leak, by:

Containing The Water - Catching the water that is escaping in a container, bowl or bucket to avoid any further damage to the property.

Isolating the Water – Each property will have a water stop cock within the property. If you are not familiar with where your stop cock is we would advise that you ensure you know where this might be. In the event of a water leak by isolating or turning off the supply this may stop the leak. It might also be necessary if the leak is coming from above for you to ask a neighbour to do this also to prevent any damage.

Speaking To Your Neighbours – Check in with flats that are both above and below you. Are they using an appliance that might be causing the leak? Have they had any overflow in baths or sinks that could have come through to your property? Are they experiencing similar issues in the same area of their property too? Can they isolate the water to see if this stops the leak?


Once you have completed the above steps we would then advise you report the leak to us by calling our office on 0345 683 8812.


What if I have a leak and the office is closed?

All of our properties are covered by an out of hours service. If you suffer a leak outside of our office hours our advice would be to report this to your out of hours provider. They will arrange attendance to make safe the leak.


Please note, they may not trace and access the leak during evenings or the weekends but are likely to make the leak and the area safe and revert to the us and we will contact you when we return to the office the following day, or after the weekend.


Although every effort is made to establish the cause of the leak, sometimes this is dependent on access to other flats. If we do not gain access or experience delays this can take time, the team will continue to communicate with you but we have to make you aware of the status of the investigation. It can take some time to trace the leak on some occasions.


Once we received a report of a leak we will instruct a contractor to trace and access the leak. We will contact any / all leaseholders involved and help to arrange access to all properties affected for the purposes of investigating the leak. The insurance will cover the cost of all trace and access (excluding the actual fixing of the leak and any call out charge).


Following attendance by the contractor Hera will receive a report of where the leak might be coming from which they will share with any parties involved.

If communal – Hera will instruct a contractor to investigate and resolve the leak and then carry out any remedial work.
We will notify Swan Insurance of the issue and the flats involved.
We will let all parties know when the leak is resolved so that Insurance can begin liaising on remedial works needed to repair any damage.
Swan Insurance will liase directly with you on the claim, sending a surveyor to the property and arranging any remedial works that might be needed via the insurance policy.

If within the demise of a property – Hera will contact the relevant leaseholder and advise them the leak needs to be resolved, Hera will not complete the repair. This will be the leaseholder’s responsibility and they will need to arrange the repair and notify Hera and Insurance when the repair is completed.
Following confirmation the leak is resolved Swan Insurance will liase directly with you on the claim, sending a surveyor to the property and arranging any remedial works that might be needed via the insurance policy.


If the cause of the leak cannot be found – If the cause of the leak cannot be found during the trace and access, we will revert to all parties (the leaseholder and insurance) and notify them this is the case. It may be as the cause of the leak is undetermined at this time that Insurance are unable to assist with the repairs to the property however, they will be able to advise you on this as part of the claims process.

Hera are unable to repair or carry out remedial works internal to properties for leaks that are not caused by communal pipework. We are unable to repair or carry out remedial works internal to your property where the leak is caused by something within the demise of your property.

Please also be advised that Swan Insurance are unable to begin arranging remedial works until the leak is resolved and they have received confirmation of this by way of an invoice and job report for the repair.