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Hera Management Services is about choice; choice for landlords, choice for leaseholders and choice for tenants. Our focus since launching in 2012 is providing high quality day to day operational services; in other words, the tangible front facing services that clients really care about.

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Tenants and Landlords

What if my tenant doesn't pay their rent?

Our success in rent collection is very high. This is mainly because if we carry out stringent checks during the tenant search and referencing stages but also because we have a strict credit control policy. As a basic overview the following steps are taken in recovery of rent arrears or in extreme circumstances a property.

  • 0-7 days: we will attempt to make contact with the tenant by telephone/email in order to secure payment by card
  • 7 days: our first chaser letter is sent
  • 7-14 days: Further calls/emails sent
  • 14 days: second chaser letter sent
  • 21 days: letter before action sent – this advises that if payment is not sent before the second months rent becomes due a notice will be served against the tenant to recover the arrears and property
  • Day 1 of 2nd month: Section 8 notice served – usually this is hand delivered so we can try and speak to the tenant in person
  • On expiry of notice: the notice gives the tenant 2 weeks to clear their arrears (allowing additional time for postage) if the tenant fails to clear the arrears we will liaise with solicitors to commence legal action and continue to do so throughout the process

Section 8 of The Housing Act provides mandatory repossession where a tenant is two months in arrears, The Woolfe Reforms set out clear instructions for landlords and their agents to demonstrate that they have taken clear credit control action and not taken this action in the first instance.

What if my tenant damages my property?

If you decide to take our fully managed package a full photographic inventory is taken at the outset of the tenancy. We also take a minimum of six weeks deposit at the outset of the tenancy which is held in the Tenancy Deposit Scheme. We carry out inspections throughout the tenancy and should we notice any disrepair at that time tenants will be instructed to repair the issue immediately. At the end of the tenancy we will compare the condition of the property to that at the outset, allowing for wear and tear we will ensure that the sums are withheld from the deposit to cover the costs to put right any damages. In the rare event that damages exceed the deposit held we will liaise with your solicitors (if required) in the recovery of further sums

What if I want my property back?

When a tenant takes a property they are entitled to remain in it for the duration of the tenancy unless the terms of the tenancy have been breached. We will ensure that a section 21 is served correct in order that at the end of the term the property can be recovered. Should you urgently require the property before this time we are happy to attempt to negotiate an early vacation but this may involve you offering an incentive such as payment of a tenants moving fees and we cannot guarantee success.