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Hera Management Services is about choice; choice for landlords, choice for leaseholders and choice for tenants. Our focus since launching in 2012 is providing high quality, day-to-day operational services; in other words, the tangible front facing services that clients really care about.

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Viewing a property

Our Property Search allows you to see in detail, each and every home that we have available to rent in the particular area you are searching in. To make an enquiry to view the property just give us a call or email us and one of our experience lettings team will make the arrangements.


One of our negotiators will accompany you to the viewing in order to meet with you. Viewings will be arranged at a suitable time for you. Whilst at the viewing, general details can be given with regard to the deposit required, when first rental payment would be due, along with answering any other questions you may have about the property or the rental.



If you wish to rent the property you have viewed, you will be required to commence the referencing procedure. The referencing will normally include seeking an employer’s reference, existing landlord reference and a credit check of all applicants. The fee for referencing can be found under the section Our Fees. All applicants must be 18 years of age or over. We aim to have this process completed in 72 hours, however, this can be dependent on information that we receive from a thrid party. Where we experience a delays, we will communitcate this to you. 


Moving in Date

Once the monies have been paid, a date will be arranged for you to move in. We will meet you at the property to sign the tenancy agreements, run through the inventory and show you around the property. The keys to your new home will then be handed over to you.



During your tenancy we will conduct tenancy inspections to make sure that the property is being kept in good order and to see whether there are any concerns you as tenants may have (these are normally completed every 6-12 months). This is also a good time to take a look at any items of maintenance that may require attending to which may not be of an urgent nature; however, it is your responsibility to notify us of any repairs that are required in your home.


Periodic inspections will be arranged at a mutually agreeable time throughout your tenancy.


For more information you can view and download this handy How to Rent Guide.


What happens when I want to move out of the property?

Prior to your fixed term tenancy expiring, we will contact you to see whether or not you are looking to renew the fixed term tenancy for a further period.


Should you decide that you wish to vacate the property then we will confirm the date to you in writing for when the property should be vacated and then arrange a pre-move out inspection and then a moving out date.

The pre-move out inspection is undertaken to give you as tenants, an idea of what potentially may need to be rectified prior to you vacating. Things such as removing pictures, or shelving from walls and filling in holes and re-painting etc. There may also be carpets that may require cleaning or marks on walls that again, require attention prior to you leaving the property.


Once the pre-move out inspection has been undertaken, we will then book in the final moving out date. At this stage we will expect the property to be empty from all your belongings and making sure the fridge and freezers are cleared also. The original inventory that was prepared and given to you would be the document we would use to cross-check how the property has been handed back. Understanding that, when you vacate the property, the property should be left in the same condition as it was when you moved in, taking into account reasonable wear and tear.


When keys are handed back we will also require a forwarding address from you. This is so that any deposit monies due back to you can be sent, but also should there be any bills from utility companies that overlap your move out, we can forward these on to you.


At the inspection, if we believe that damage has been caused to the property, we will obtain a quote to get the repairs completed. Your deposit will be returned to you minus the cost of these repairs. Providing there are no disputes with your deposit monies, these are generally sent back to you within 10 working days.


We generally require one month's notice for you to terminate your tenancy, however, please ensure that you read and understand the terms of your individual tenancy agreement as these could vary from one Landlord to the other.